WoW auction house

World of Women House is a public and permissionless auction house for World of Women, that allows any owner to list their Wow NFT for a reserve-timed auction. Reserve prices mean that owners won’t get caught out with a low floor. When a reserve price is hit, a 24 hour countdown starts on an auction that’s available to the entire internet. Any bids in the final 15 minutes will extend the auction by 15 minutes. The highest bidder wins.

Because these auctions are entirely onchain, it means that there is an entirely new type of bidder—Partybids. Anyone can come together to pool their Ethereum to jointly buy a WoW NFT. You’ll be able to own part of a WoW NFT for $100 instead of needing $5,000 in spare change. Every WoW NFT can be a DAO.

This is all built on ZORA. You can see the inner workings of the smart contract code on Etherscan, and you’ll quickly notice that it was deployed with no admin control and is entirely free—0% forever. It can never be stopped, and it serves as permissionless and public infrastructure that will last as long as your WoW NFT.